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Phoenixx Rising Team

Lisa & Hugh, founding partners of Phoenixx Rising
(Disclaimer: Not our every day wear!)

Welcome to our shop, we're so happy to have you here with us and would love to share about our journey with you.

A very long time ago (okay, well, 2007!) in a lush, green English shire (Lancashire to be exact), a shorter than average couple (hobbits!) longed for a job that matched their unique tastes and lifestyle, and Phoenixx Rising arose!

Drawing on a lifetime of subculture experience and a spark of passion, and soon outgrowing a small storage room, our premises and ranges have grown year on year but our personal, family run ethos remains at our core.

We have a passion for all things different and wanted to share that with the world. We strive to offer great items at great value, to help you express your own unique taste and style.

We cater to many different subcultures, ranging from gothic to geeky, and we're always on the look out for quirky, cool, weird and wonderful new products! We hope that our selections pique your interest as we offer a wide variety from clothing to giftware for you and your friends and family.

We love the community that subcultures foster, and we love what we do. We're happy to help you with any questions you have and will always do our best to offer you a personal shopping experience, we're here to enjoy our products and connect with our customers.

With a newly refreshed and revamped website, we're excited to see what the future holds and how alternative culture continues to evolve through the years to come!

From all of us at Phoenixx Rising,
Happy Shopping!


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